KIRAN has commenced a project, called 'NAMASTE', in order to achieve the following:

To promote social inclusion for the benefit of the public by preventing people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society.

KIRAN work actively to bring people from different communities together by organising meaningful engagement opportunities. This help community members to build strong relationships with one another. The project, 'NAMASTE' has been initiated in order to bring different communities together by organising social activities on a regular basis.   Any member of the public is welcome to participate in the design, development and delivery of the activities.

KIRAN is organising various activities on a regular basis in order to bring communities together with a special emphasis on the people from merginalised backgrounds. If you would like to take part in the project 'NAMASTE' in any capacity or think that you can contribute to the project in any way, please get in touch with us. We are waiting to hear from you.


Upcoming Events

Cardiff Theatre Production

(Mar/Apr 2020)

KAVIGAN - Indo-Cymru Heritage Crossover


Community Dining


Past Events 2019

Saree Day


Past Events 2018

KIRAN Regular Projects

Cardiff Theatre - Weekly

KIRAN Round table - Weekly

Cardiff Literary Circle - Quarterly

Cardiff Theatre Festival - Yearly