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Welcome to  KIRAN

The Knowledge-based Intercommunity Relationship and Awareness Network (KIRAN) is a charity based in the United Kingdom. KIRAN was established to promote community engagement on an informed basis. It seeks to foster knowledge-based acceptance of different cultures and traditions prevalent among various communities in the UK. Please find our aims and objectives below.


1. advancing education and raising awareness about different racial groups to promote good relations between persons of different racial groups;

2. promoting knowledge and mutual understanding between different racial groups;

3. promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.


• to educate the community members about different social and cultural settings

• to encourage acceptance of social diversities
• to facilitate meaningful engagement between members from different communities

KIRAN is working in partnership with Kings Monkton School, Cardiff. We are thankful to Kings Monkton School, Cardiff for the kind co-operation and support

KIRAN has received assistance from Delhi Public School, Newtown Kolkata in achieving its objectives. We are Thankful to the school for this collaboration.

If you believe in our aims and objectives and want to know more about our activities, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

KIRAN is an independent organisation working to fulfil its own aims and objectives. It has got no branches.

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